Camping Resources and Article Round Up

Are you camping this summer or early fall? Chances are you’ll need to do a little bit of preparation, whether you’re packing the car, setting up the tent or researching hiking trails. Here are some great camping resources from my friends at Homestead Bloggers Network who have lots of advice to share!

Starting a Fire for Beginners (Mom Prepares)

Newbies to camping and seasoned forest dwellers will benefit from these easy fire making tips.

The Art (And Science) of S’Mores (Guys Go Camping)

Did you know s’more making is a science? This art form is delicious, but also has a few rules to follow.


Getting off the Beaten Trail? Try Goatpacking! (Homestead Honey)

Goats aren’t the most likely hiking companions, but this trip sure looked fun!

Outdoor Cooking and Fire Safety (The Homestead Lady)

Cooking over an open flame can be rewarding, bur dangerous. Here’s some advice.

Camping Menu Planning (Chuck Wagoneer)

Not sure what to eat when you’re out in the woods? This menu planner is excellent for figuring it out.

Camping on the Road? Here’s How! (Homestead Honey)

Road tripping is fun, but it isn’t always easy. Here’s a great way to prepare yourself.


How to Keep Warm and Dry in the Woods Overnight (Mom Prepares)

Spending the night in the forest can come with bugs, rain and thunder. Here are some tips for keeping dry.

How Does Camping Help You Prepare for Disaster? (Homestead Dreamer)

From preparing the camping food to knowing survival skills, how does camping help prepare you for a disaster?

Tips for Camping on a Slope (Guys Go Camping)

Sometimes the only place to pitch a tent is on a hill or rocky surface. This article helps you make sure it’s done safely.

Where do you go for camping advice?

Photo Credit: Unsplash, iris

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