Travel 101: Packing for a Beach Vacation

The holidays are over and the weather is getting colder. It’s the perfect time to kick your relaxation up a notch and take a trip to a warmer climate. I am lucky enough to have visited Cancun, Mexico recently and I wanted to share with you some organizational skills to help you pack for your next beach vacation.

Photo Courtesy of: Luke Ma

Photo Courtesy of: Luke Ma

Packing for a Beach Vacation

Check the Weather

Check the weather in your destination to make sure you’re bringing temperature appropriate clothing. Try not to bring any more outfits than you have to so plan your wardrobe ahead of time. Continue reading

Travel 101: How to Get a Passport

A passport is your ticket to exploring the international world. If you don’t already have a passport, getting one is easy! Here are some things to remember for how to get a passport.

Photo Courtesy of:  J Aaron Farr

Photo Courtesy of: J Aaron Farr

How to Get a Passport

Getting a passport is simple, but you need to remember to allow for the time it takes to complete the process. Everyone entering or re-entering America by plane is required to show show their passport and pass through U.S. Customs. Continue reading