Indoor Jungle Vines

To fill your home with plants a nature, vines are a great choice. Living plants add a fresh and alive quality to any room and ‘jungalow’ living is all the rage. Jungle vines grow particularly quickly and tend to do well indoors since it’s more likely to be a humid environment. Since they grow quickly, it is important to prune them regularly. Here are some awesome options you can grow indoors. Continue reading

Comparing Irrigation Systems

Plants will not grow without adequate amounts of water. Growing anything that is not suited to the average rainfall in the area will require some sort of irrigation to thrive. There are many different systems and methods to irrigating a plot. We break down some of the advantages and disadvantages for using each irrigation style. Continue reading

From Garden to Greenhouse: What to Call Your Growing Space

Growing and propagating plants connects you to yourself, the environment, and the Earth.  It can relieve stress, fight disease, improve memory, and so much more.  We can provide ourselves with food, enjoy a walk in a forest, or catch a glimpse of a beautifully sculpted bonsai tree. There are endless benefits of growing plants but one thing that has always thrown me off is what to call a growing space in various situations.  Here we review a few of the big names out there and a little about their connotations. Continue reading

How to “String Up” Tomatoes

Hurray!  The growing season is finally upon us and starting to hit its stride!  Whether we started them ourselves or purchased some locally, it is time to start thinking about plump and juicy tomatoes to go with any occasion.  Putting them in salads, roasting them in the oven, on sandwiches, or even eaten whole and raw are some of our favorite ways to enjoy these tasty snacks. Continue reading

10 Common Weeds to Know

We all want our growing area to be full of wonderful rare species that bloom constantly and never need to be watered.  But the reality is nature has a different story.

Every year, we spend countless hours making the decision on which plant to keep and which ones to pull out.  Knowing some of the most common species of weeds that invade your garden will save you time and effort.  Here is a list some of the most common weeds that most people do not want in their gardens: Continue reading