A Dozen Elk at Crystal Mountain, WA

While vacationing in a cozy cabin on Crystal Mountain, we decided to take a mid-day walk around the wood and surrounding neighborhood. We saw a lone animal walk across the street, completely unaware of our presence. Deer and elk are not strange to me; growing up in Washington means there are lots of animals that wander around residential areas. But this was quite a sight-the elk walked silently into a yard and once we looked hard enough, others began to pop up right in front of us! Continue reading

Petroglyphs at Buffalo Eddy: Along the Snake River near Asotin, Washington

Imagine stepping into a world where you travel down the river by boat, at the mercy of currents and rapids, where the only light at night is by fire and leaving written communication required hours of complex chiseling of pictures. That’s what we stumbled upon when we went out in search of Buffalo Eddy, a historical site of special significance for the Nez Pearce tribe. Continue reading

Our Date with the Big Dog: Dog Bark Park Inn [Cottonwood, Idaho]

Our most recent expedition was to an incredible roadside attraction in the small town of Cottonwood, Idaho. About two hours away from Pullman and just a small jaunt through the Camas prairie from Lewiston, Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn was a place we’d wanted to stay at for years. After passing by on a road trip to Utah, we found this wonderful and largest beagle dog replica in the world! Also a B&B, we were lucky enough to stay there in the heart of the big dog. Continue reading

An Early-Morning Walk Through Malmantile, Italy

Malmantile, Italy is a small village in the Tuscany region, about an hour or so away from Florence. I was lucky enough to visit the area after college graduation, and recently it’s been on my mind. Washington’s climate is very similar to Italy, being of similar latitude, and when it rains in the summertime and birds chirp throughout the day, as if it was a hazy, beautiful, perpetual morning, I feel like I’ve been transported back to the place that I consider to be one of the most beautiful on Earth. Continue reading

Wine Tasting in Walla Walla, Washington

After recovering from the blistering heat of a 106-degree bike ride through Walla Walla’s wine country, we stopped for lunch at a local hot spot with rave reviews. We’ve experienced delicious food from traveling trucks in Portland while living there, and Andrae’s Kitchen was sold as the best in Walla Walla. Since it was a weekend, we stopped by the flagship location, Andrae’s Kitchen at the Co-Op. Don’t let the fact that this restaurant is in a gas station get you down; these were some of the most succulent and authentic tacos I’ve had in a long while. Continue reading