How to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

For those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day to its fullest without making a big impact on the environment around you, there are many options! By foregoing the classic fixed-price meal at a fancy downtown restaurant and shelling our hundreds of dollars, you’ll have a great V-Day with a purpose. Celebrate and save the world with these tips. Continue reading

Tiki Time: Carved Pineapples

Have you ever tried carving anything other than pumpkins for Halloween? Traditionally in Europe, turnips were carved before pumpkins ever were! The spooky shapes were an offering to bad spirits and helped to keep them out of the home. It’s been extra cold lately and to combat the seasonal chill, we decided to have a tiki night complete with carved pineapples in lieu of pumpkins! Continue reading

Winter Snowflake Decorations

Now that the Holidays are over, what decorations will you put up? How about Winter Snowflakes? We’ve all made paper snowflakes in class during elementary school, or with your children and they can be a fun way to add fun to a cold winter lull in between the Holidays and Valentine’s day. Snowflakes make tasteful and beautiful winter decorations, are simple to make and like a real snowflake, no two are the same! Here is a simple way to make winter snowflake decorations just in time for the snow to start falling.


Winter Snowflake Decorations

What You’ll Need:


White paper (or blue! Snowflakes can be festive in any color) Continue reading