Travel Bucket List


There are so many things to see in the world! Here are some of the places and adventures high up on our list. Watch and read as we check them off!

Travel Bucket List

1. Visit Inca sites in Peru

2. Ride an elephant in Thailand

3. New York City

4. Dig Mayan artifacts in Belize

5. Prague, Czech Republic Studied abroad!

6. Yellowstone National Park

7. Grand Canyon, Arizona

8. Visit our sponsored child in Zambia.

9. Tanzania

10. See lemurs in Madagascar

11. Oktoberfest in Germany

12. Drive through the prairie states in Canada

13. Philippines

14. Mexico

15. Antarctica

16. Polynesia

17. Cruise the Mediterranean

18. Drive from Washington to Alaska through Canada

19. WWOOF: Willing Workers on Organic Farms

20. Guatemala

21. Join a mission trip

22. Scotland

23. Iceland

24. Nicaragua Went for my honeymoon.

25. Quebec, Canada

26. Hike Patagonia

27. Australian Outback

28. Skydive

29. Rainforest in Brazil

30. Zipline all over the world. In North Carolina and Been there, Xplor’d that.

31. Go Fishing. In Oregon.

32. Eat peaches straight off the tree. Under the shade of hazelnut groves.

33. Visit Stonehenge. Breathed the fresh air and felt the soft ground.





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