New Orleans, LA: Art & Music & Sights in the Big Easy

We recently took a trip to The Big Easy; New Orleans, LA. While I’ve been to this bustling city as a child, there was no way to prepare myself for the fun, excitement and good times that keep on rolling in this high-energy metropolis. A city with a rich history and checkered background, today it’s a huge cultural hub where those who like to party, learn about history or explore a unique area that people visit in droves.

20160410_103254 (1)


While I was there, French Quarter Fest was deep in swing and there were incredible bands on each street corner. As we turned each corner, our ears were treated the sounds of all kinds of music flying through the air. It gave the city a friendly and fun feel and the energy was just contagious. My favorite band was called New Thousand;  the performers were so excited to be playing at French Quarter Fest.


For part of the trip, we stayed at this awesome hostel called India House. It’s a backpacker’s hostel that is consistently rated among the top in NOLA. We loved the easygoing atmosphere, communal areas and options to rent private rooms in the bungalow-style hostel. Plus, rooms were cheap and the people were super friendly!


All around the city are original graveyards with large raised mausoleums. They are iconic and remind me of several horror movies. When you entered to take a look around, the mood was somber and you felt the presence and weight of history. When we took a ghost tour, we learned these above-ground graves were built this way because the city is situated on a swamp; in the heat of a year, a body can turn to ash and will be pushed the back of the family gravesite. Hence the saying, “ashes to ashes.”

20160412_102743 (1)20160412_102617

Stay tuned for more from our New Orleans excursion!


Photos: Elizabeth Adan

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