Curing the Winter Chills

Winter brings many things. Amongst the package winter unloads on us is: rain, snow, wind, mud, and gunk. There are still a lot of outside activities outdoor enthusiasts can’t resist. But doing these activities may lead one to be cold, wet, dirty and smelly. Here are a few relaxing steps to warm the bones and settle back into your home. Continue reading

Sumac Juice [Foraging]

If you’re into foraging, you won’t want to miss Sumac season! Here’s a great article about foraging the plant, where to find it and how to use it. It even includes a recipe for making Sumac juice!

Sharon Boddy

Thanks (or apologies if you detest pithy wordplay) to Phil Collins’ Sussudio for the punspiration.

Sumac berries are clustered together in heads that easily come loose when the heads are rubbed together. Sumac berries are clustered together in heads that easily come loose when the heads are rubbed together.

Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) Key identifiers: tight, red to deep purple flower heads; branches have a velvety texture, like the antlers of young male deer, hence its name.

Allergy alert! Sumac is a mild allergen so those who are hypersensitive to poisonous varieties, such as poison ivy and poison sumac, might also have a reaction to safe sumac. If in doubt, don’t ingest it.  

How to make sumac juice: The short version

3 cups sumac berries (unwashed)

4½ cups cold water (hot water destroys the flavour)

Sweetener of choice

Tamp the berries down into your blender then add the water. Start on a slow speed. Blend until the berries are soaked. If you don’t have a blender, muddle the…

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1-Day Cleansing and Detoxifying Juice

This 1-day detoxifying juice is ideal for once a week. It is cleansing and pairs wonderfully with light and easy daily yoga. This makes a whole pitcher which is a good amount to drink in one day and gives you some good nutrition to get through the day. I personally do half day cleanses or use the juice as a nutrient/hydration boost, but it is safe to do as a 1-day stand alone juice cleanse.

This is better than lots of juice cleanses that are sour, taste bad and leave you hungry. The wheatgrass and juice in this drink are a delicious mix! I’d bottle it and sell it on the street. =] Continue reading

Turmeric Juice for Pain Relief

Turmeric has many health benefits. It’s good for digestion and joint pain. This juice may not be your favorite and won’t taste like a milkshake, but it works wonders on balancing your internal organs and reducing pain throughout the body. If possible, use all organic ingredients.

Photo Courtesy of: Steenburgs

Photo Courtesy of: Steenbergs

Pain-Relieving Turmeric Juice


4 stalks of celery

1 peeled and chopped cucumber

1 inch of ginger root Continue reading