Thoughts of Spring from Fall

Temperatures are dropping daily and the daylight hours seem like they will never come back. Being chased inside by the cold is always the harsh wakeup call that fall is here and winter is just around corner. Spring seems like an eternity away but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about it.

Spring seems like paradise. New shoots are rocketing out of what looked like dead branches. The first flower blooms. One with a detailed eye may sneak a sniff of the season beginning. Sunlight hits the skin causing an overwhelmingly pleasant sensation of cold bones warming. Animals return on the same paths they are taking now.


As we clean up our growing space, it is hard not to think about taking all of the tools back out. Taking the seed bag out of the cold dark closet is like pulling out of a magician’s hat. Proper care for the delicate seeds in the early spring is like finding the right magic phrase to lighten up the field. Placing different seeds here, there and everywhere will bring a bountiful field of all colors.

tools for AB

Fall is like getting ready for bed. Dreamy, deep and inspiring. But spring is like waking up. You get to jump up and proclaim to the world that you are ready for a new day. Although spring is still far away, it is important to remember to wake up every dreary morning just as spring does.

What are your thoughts of spring? What is your favorite season?



Photos: Unsplash

PrintBy Jake Frazier

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