Thanksgiving Test-Run: Oyster Stuffing

Sometimes I make mock-up Thanksgiving meals before the actual season just because the food is so delicious! After trying a test-run of some sage rubbed chicken, I also decided to switch up my recipe for stuffing/dressing. Since I didn’t want to ruin a potential Thanksgiving with something I wasn’t sure I loved, I had to try this one out first! Oyster stuffing is popular in Southern cooking and can be quite controversial; I had never tried it until now; I’m glad I did. Continue reading

Candy Bird’s Nests

Do you have any favorite candies or treats you remember that always make you smile? In honor of Easter this weekend, we wanted to share a fun recipe for Bird’s Nest candies, one of my favorite Easter treats growing up. Though I don’t celebrate Easter anymore, they’re still fun and seasonal for early Spring. Continue reading