Happy National Zucchini Bread Day!

When looking for obscure holidays, we stumbled across National Zucchini Bread day! Zucchini bread is delicious breakfast food, and I remember working at a coffee shop when I was a teenager that has a serious zucchini bread cult-following. I decided to whip up some of my own for this holiday. I like to add chocolate chips or walnuts for extra texture, but that’s up to you! Continue reading

Warm and Toasty English Muffins

English muffins are delicious and versatile. They are perfect with eggs, bacon and cheese for breakfast, slathered in jam or even used as a mini pizza for an afternoon snack. English muffins come in huge packs at the grocery store, but it’s frequently hard to find a brand that isn’t loaded with sugars, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. Here’s a great recipe to make your own English Muffins! Continue reading

Basic, Yet Amazing, Sourdough Bread

Homemade bread is unrivaled. It makes your home smell incredible while it’s cooking and it’s warm and fluffy when it’s done. The perfect sour dough bread starts with a sourdough starter, but this recipe works even without one (it would just be french bread instead of sourdough.)

It takes a while from the mixing and rising process until it’s covered in butter and in your mouth, but this sourdough bread is worth the wait. You can add any optional ingredients to this basic recipe, I like adding cracked wheat or garlic and cheddar cheese.  Continue reading

Make-Your-Own Mini Pizzas

Making homemade pizza is way more fun than ordering out! Making your own pizza isn’t hard at all, it just requires a little bit of time for the dough to rise and for you to top your pizza.

Decorating the pizzas is one of my favorite cooking activities. The possibilities for toppings are endless! This is a great dinner ideas for couples, kids, friends, dinner parties, or anyone who wants to turn their food into art and get creative! Continue reading

Caring for Your Sourdough Starter

Once you’ve made your sourdough starter, you’ll need to care for it to keep it alive and ready for baking. Keep a clean cloth or paper towel over the top to keep bacteria out. You can store it on the counter at room temperature or in the fridge or freezer.

Photo Courtesy of: Brown Eyed Baker

Photo Courtesy of: Brown Eyed Baker

Storing on the Counter

Make sure your counter isn’t too hot or too cold. Keep your starter between 70-80 degrees. If you’re storing it on the counter, you’ll need to feed and stir it every day. It will keep separating and it’s okay to stir the yellow colored “hooch” back in to keep fermenting. Feed it at least once a day by adding equal parts warm water and flour. For daily feedings I only add a little bit, ½ a cup of each. Continue reading

How To Make a Sourdough Starter

Sourdough bread is made without using any added yeast, all of the yeast comes from the addition of the sourdough starter. Having a sourdough starter at your disposal is a nice luxury without much added work. A sourdough starter, when made and kept properly can last a lifetime. Once you make a good sourdough starter, you won’t need to buy yeast again to make sourdough bread!

Photo Courtesy of: dailyartmasomenos

Photo Courtesy of: dailyartmasomenos

How to Make a Sourdough Starter

What You’ll Need



A Glass Container

Wooden Spoon Continue reading