DIY Tribal Patterned Shoes: Feeling Shoenique!

Is your style unique, from your head to your feet? You should try Shoenique! I recently found this cool DIY kit that lets you upcycle old shoes for a fresh look, or design new kicks to fit your personal style. I rushed off to the store to purchase some plain white Keds for the occasion. Continue reading

Tiki Time: Carved Pineapples

Have you ever tried carving anything other than pumpkins for Halloween? Traditionally in Europe, turnips were carved before pumpkins ever were! The spooky shapes were an offering to bad spirits and helped to keep them out of the home. It’s been extra cold lately and to combat the seasonal chill, we decided to have a tiki night complete with carved pineapples in lieu of pumpkins! Continue reading

Upcycling: Turning Toilet Paper Rolls Into Mini Art Canvases [Make Garbage Great]

I’m a huge proponent of upcycling, but I’ve never even considered using toilet paper rolls for anything other than regular recycling. Okay, I have tried the trick where you use them as organizers for headphones and charging cords, but I found that to be bulky and a bit ugly. This project using old toilet paper rolls transforms them into something I can use, and something quirky that barely resembles their original selves. Continue reading