Egg + Bacon + Potato Breakfast Bakes

Does anyone else besides me love breakfast for dinner? Since I start work early in the morning, I don’t usually get a chance to cook breakfast, but love the experience of cooking and eating this comfort food. So, breakfast for dinner makes an appearance in our kitchen quite often. This evening’s delicacy is an easy egg, bacon, potato breakfast bake. Here’s the recipe: Continue reading

Diner Breakfast: Turntable Kitchen Review: October Pairings Box

Turntable Kitchen is one of my favorite new things. I discovered this small company about 6 months ago. Turntable Kitchen is a subscription-based service that pairs a hand-curated record with two singles with 3 recipes and a premium ingredient each month. I love having these great ingredients and recipe ideas delivered directly to my door each month and it’s always a surprise to see what surprises the box will bring. Continue reading