Diner Breakfast: Turntable Kitchen Review: October Pairings Box

Turntable Kitchen is one of my favorite new things. I discovered this small company about 6 months ago. Turntable Kitchen is a subscription-based service that pairs a hand-curated record with two singles with 3 recipes and a premium ingredient each month. I love having these great ingredients and recipe ideas delivered directly to my door each month and it’s always a surprise to see what surprises the box will bring.

Turntable Kitchen October Pairings Box: The Diner Breakfast Collection

Turntable Kitchen October Pairings Box: The Diner Breakfast Collection

You don’t need a record player to enjoy Turntable Kitchen, all mixtapes and singles are available to subscribers for digital download.

This is the third anniversary of the Pairing’s Box and Matthew and Kasey decided to throw back and give us some great breakfast recipes!

This month’s pairings box theme was: The Diner Breakfast Collection. Here is what was in my pairings box this month:

Turntable Kitchen: October Diner Breakfast Collection

Hand-Pressed Record: Black Honey, ‘Sleep Forever (demo)’ and ‘Teenager (demo)’

These two songs are soulful, smooth and hot. Here’s how Turntable describes it:

“It’s a spacious and smoky lounge dweller filled with sparse percussion, reverberating guitar, and shimmering ambiance to accompany the song’s sultry but dark lyrics.”

My record is hand-labeled and says it is #47 out of 350.

Premium Ingredient: French Gray Sea Salt

Also known as sel gris, French Gray Sea Salt is harvested by hand in France. It doesn’t absorb moisture when you cook it and is considered to be one of the finest varieties of sea salt.

Recipes: Turntable Kitchen comes with three recipes to experiment with your month’s premium ingredient.

  1. Crispy Green Onion and French Gray Sea Salt Hashbrowns
  2. Bacon, Avocado, and Cheesy Egg Breakfast Sandwich
  3. The TK Bacon Bloody Mary


My pairings box also includes a card with instructions on how to download this month’s digital mixtape.

I love receiving such awesome recipes and music each month. Try Turntable Kitchen’s Pairings Box for yourself!


AB circleBy Elizabeth Adan

Elizabeth Adan is a Freelance Writer, Publicist and Brand Ambassador. Her blog Aquaberry Bliss is a unique food and travel blog dedicated to expanding your world and inspiring your creativity. When Elizabeth isn’t traveling, you’ll find her writing, hiking or gardening. Find Elizabeth on Twitter @stillaporcupine and on LinkedIn.

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