Catching Crawfish [Elma, Washington]

A rolling river in Elma is one of my favorite places to try and catch crawfish! Though we’ve never been the most successful since the river’s pretty small, the whole experience is fun and unique. It’s exciting and hopeful to put the trap in the water, armed with hamburgers and pieces of meat for bait. (We like to feed our crawfish well!) Continue reading

Incredible Hikes to View Enchanting Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington has wide open spaces, rolling hills and views for hundreds of miles. While some see an area with little life, I see an alien landscape that it hauntingly beautiful. There’s something humbling about viewing wide open spaces that at the same time, makes you feel larger than life. These great hikes help you to see Eastern Washington in all its glory. Continue reading

‘The Cliffs’ on the Snake River, Washington

I’m so glad the summer’s here so I can visit all my favorite outdoor places! This week I got to enjoy some sun and fun at the Wawawai canyon cliffs, a unique outcropping of rocks on the Snake River that are perfecting for relaxing by the water in the afternoon. When the weather gets warm enough, college students and locals flock here to do some extreme cliff jumping! It’s a fun place that is very unique on the Palouse. Being surrounded by wheat fields and farms, sometimes we crave the water! Continue reading

Why I Studied Archaeology in Belize

A while ago, I participated in an archaeological field school in the Cayo district of Belize. Maya ruins and culture have been a big part of my life since visiting places like Tulum and Chichen Itza in Mexico when I was younger and studying Anthropology in college. Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance School was working on a huge project at three cool Maya spots and I joined the team! Here are reasons I chose to participate in an archaeological field school after college. Continue reading

Unique and Refreshing Palouse Falls

I could feel the wet moisture in the air as we walked through the basin of the waterfall. I love that you can still feel the wind current of what used to be water in waves in a prehistoric riverbed. Palouse Falls is a special and ancient waterfall that is one of the biggest in the state of Washington. You’d never know it since it’s tucked into a deep canyon and hidden away behind farmland. Continue reading