Take a Hike! (In a National Forest)

Friends, family, work life and hobbies take up a lot of our time.  But many people often forget to take some time for themselves.  One of the best things to do to reconnect to your true self is to reconnect with nature.  Taking a walk through one of the U.S.’s 154 national forests will recharge the you in you.

No matter where you live, a national forest is within your reach.  Take a look at a map of the national forests to see which one you can go explore.  Many national parks have extensive trail systems open to the public for hiking, camping, fishing, and / or just enjoying the great outdoors.


Don’t see a main hiking trail?  Then try taking advantage of the Rails to Trails Act passed in 1983.  This act converted old / decommissioned rail road tracks into public trails.  It is legal to walk along these old tracks for as long as they go.  Visit the Rails to Trails Conservancy http://www.railstotrails.org/about/about-us/ website to find some of these paths! Do take note, many property owners that own the land around these tracks won’t want you walking around or disturbing their property.  Enjoy nature how it is and leave no trace and everyone should be happy.

Taking a walk in a national park is the perfect activity to do no matter what the situation may be.  Perhaps you can even convince the many people who are involved in your life to come with you!  Sharing in the bounty of nature brings people closer together so grab a buddy and go explore a national park!

Photos: Unsplash

PrintBy Jake Frazier

Jake Frazier is an outdoor enthusiast and the owner of Residential Ecology, a sustainable ecological resource management company. He uses existing natural systems to improve the quality of life for both humans and the Earth. Jake is interested in permaculture, living systems and exploring. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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