Upcycled Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are almost unnecessary in the summer time, but now that the air has gotten crisper as we head into fall and winter, static begins to wreak havoc on my laundry. Instead of purchasing scented, chemical-laden dryer sheets from the grocery store, this time I opted to upcycle my own using some simple household items and a repurposed pair of old blue jeans. Continue reading

Designing for Summer: Interview With Jennifer Corredor of J Design Group

I love decorating my home year round to change with the seasons and summer is no exception! To take advantage of beautiful flowers and large plants during the growing season, bringing them inside can add a lot of your design and help you get closer to nature.

I had a chance to interview Jennifer Corredor, CEO/Founder of J Design Group (www.jdesigngroup.com) about her thoughts for summer decorating! Here is what we talked about: Continue reading

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

You and your yoga mat get up close and personal on a regular basis, so treat it with some love and respect by spraying it daily with a homemade cleaning spray. No need to purchase commercial cleaning sprays, this antibacterial spray is easy to make and is easy on the wallet.

Photo Courtesy of:  bradleypjohnson

Photo Courtesy of: bradleypjohnson

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Make a Cleaning Spray

1 part Water

3 parts Vinegar

Mix together in a spray bottle. Continue reading

Enjoy Your Wardrobe: 4 Steps to Better Closet Organization

Organizing your closet can be a hassle. Placing clothes on and off hangers can take tons of time and seem pointless. Hanging clothes shouldn’t take up the majority of your morning, there’s an easier way to hang your clothes and enjoy them all.


I am a huge fan of anything that makes my life easier. I institute systems into my household to make chores like dishes and laundry easier. I have an elaborate system of washing, drying and hanging my clothes based on their fabric types and style. Continue reading