Indoor Jungle Vines

To fill your home with plants a nature, vines are a great choice. Living plants add a fresh and alive quality to any room and ‘jungalow’ living is all the rage. Jungle vines grow particularly quickly and tend to do well indoors since it’s more likely to be a humid environment. Since they grow quickly, it is important to prune them regularly. Here are some awesome options you can grow indoors. Continue reading

Transforming a Clay Pot: Design + Function

My most recent DIY project was the transformation of a simple garden pot. An annoying one to have around, the clay from this pot makes the dirt suck dry faster than usual, leading to a long string of very sad and thirsty plants. After failing yet again to water this one often enough, I was about to give up on growing in it, and had banished it to the storage closet. Continue reading

Sustainability In Public Works [Infographic]

We love exploring sustainability in many aspects of life including farming, gardening, agriculture and forestry. But green buildings, homes and public works projects are quickly becoming the next trend. Sustainable communities are continuing to surface across the nation as major cities are making the necessary changes to reduce energy demand, utilize renewable power, and lessen their environmental impact. Continue reading

When the World Wakes Up

When I watch the world wake up I sit back and sip tea in my pajamas. I’ve been up for hours, taking in the beauty of the morning while enjoying the peace and solitude. Early birds feel the same as night owls; their time alone brings peace while everyone else is asleep. Some of my best work is done before 8am ever hits. By 9, I already feel as if I am running late. Continue reading

10 Inspiring Quotes from Children’s Book Authors

Some days in the world are harsh and pessimistic, making even the strongest adults feel like children on the inside. The books we read in childhood help us explore the world and grow our imagination, shaping us into who we are. These famous authors’ advice is still applicable for all ages, especially on darker days of winter. Here are inspiring quotes from children’s book authors for when the world feels too big to fight.

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” –Roald Dahl Continue reading

Plants into Pants? DIY Living Fashion

DIY, fashion AND living art? One of my main new year’s resolutions this year was to create some living art pieces and this new hot line is the perfect inspiration I’ve been looking for!

Move over color orange, stems, petals and living designs are the new black this year after Glam Gardens’ showings at Saks and runway fashion events the MET this year. Hilton Garden Inn re-created these awesome outfits with their new line of resort ready wear to encourage people to get out and traveling over the summer. Continue reading