4 Great New Years Resolutions: 2015

Last year, I made some resolutions to become a happier and more positive person. Intention is the first step to change, and the New Year is an excellent time to reflect and grow. Use each new year as an opportunity to define yourself and become proud of who you are. Here are some of my favorite resolutions this year.

Photo Courtesy of: Caroline

Photo Courtesy of: Caroline

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Start Being Yourself

One of my resolutions last year was to give up pretending to be something I’m not. Being yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself and one of the most rewarding. When you open up and let yourself be who you are, everything else will fall into place and the true happiness begins.

  1. Start a New Hobby

Picking up new hobbies gives you a renewed sense of purpose. Learning and becoming better at a skill makes you feel more accomplished and confident. Having something to show for your time is also very rewarding.

  1. Exercise More

Always an obvious resolution, exercising more shouldn’t be discounted. We aren’t saying you should run out and buy a gym membership, but try adding a little bit of stretching, yoga or strength training to your existing exercise schedule (if you don’t have one, we aren’t here to judge).

  1. Notice Beauty

Taking “time to smell the roses” really does make life easier! Try and intentionally notice one thing you love about your surroundings each day. If you always have the same view at work, try and tell yourself one thing you appreciate about it. When you start to notice the beauty in life, each for a little bit each day, it becomes a habit which becomes one of your best reasons to wake up each morning.

I am looking forward to 2015 with all the zest and zeal in the world. 2015 is another opportunity to turn your life into something to be proud of. What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?


AB circleBy Elizabeth Adan

Elizabeth Adan is a Freelance Writer, Publicist and Brand Ambassador. Her blog Aquaberry Bliss is a unique food and travel blog dedicated to expanding your world and inspiring your creativity. When Elizabeth isn’t traveling, you’ll find her writing, hiking or gardening. Find Elizabeth on Twitter @stillaporcupine and on LinkedIn.

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