Indoor Jungle Vines

To fill your home with plants a nature, vines are a great choice. Living plants add a fresh and alive quality to any room and ‘jungalow’ living is all the rage. Jungle vines grow particularly quickly and tend to do well indoors since it’s more likely to be a humid environment. Since they grow quickly, it is important to prune them regularly. Here are some awesome options you can grow indoors.

Indoor Jungle Vines

Passionflower Vine


A beautiful tropical vine with an unexpected and mesmerizing flower, Passionflower vine is also used as a medicinal herb. Growing well in most climates, it likes to live indoors between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. It has an exotic look with a rich history.

Pothos Vine


A beautiful and deep green color, this vine is hardy, thick and definitely hails from the jungle. The thick leaves grow almost right before your eyes and it only takes water when the leaves look a bit droopy. Keep it trimmed regularly or it may take your home over!

Spider Plants


A classic indoor houseplant- Spider Plants are quick-growing climbers. They will produce tons of new plants each year and continue to grow nearly forever. If you’d like one, chances are you can find a friend who has some new pups to share [see greensharing].



A common plant around resorts in tropical locations, the Bougainvillea is an ornamental vine that can be grown in bushes and may or may not contain thorns. There are tons of colors to choose from, but if you choose this as a houseplant, you can be sure it will be a magical arrangement when your plants flower.

Do you grow any of these vines? I know I want to!

Photos: NormanackJohn Flannery, Maja Dumat, j bizzieCliff

PrintBy Elizabeth Adan

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