Shiloh Saturday: Introducing Shiloh, Avid Hiker

This weekend I wanted to introduce my amazing dog, Shiloh. Shiloh is a 7-year-old beagle with a big personality and a tendency toward grumpiness.


Shiloh sees the world a little differently; I imagine a view through his eyes is a palette of colored smells instead of colors of the rainbow.


Stop by for Shiloh Saturdays-because sometimes a view from the ground up is just what we need!

Photos: Elizabeth Adan

PrintBy Elizabeth Adan

Elizabeth Adan is a Freelance Writer, Publicist and Brand Ambassador. Her blog Aquaberry Bliss is a unique outdoor lifestyle blog dedicated to expanding your world and inspiring your creativity. When Elizabeth isn’t traveling, you’ll find her writing, hiking or gardening. Find Elizabeth on Twitter @stillaporcupine and on LinkedIn.

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