The Amazing Moringa Tree

Moringa trees products are one of the best sources of nutrition you can add to your diet.  This tree originates in the foothills of the Himalayas and grows in a variety of different climates.  It is drought tolerant and very forgiving when it comes to neglect.  The only thing it can’t stand is freezing temperatures.  It’s an easy plant to grow and will give you amazing nutritional benefits. Continue reading

Caring for a Jasmine Plant

Jasmine can be a great addition to your collection of indoor or outdoor plants as long as it is given the proper care. These magnificent plants can grow up to 15 feet tall, make your home or garden to smell amazing and produce flowers that you can turn into a delicious tea. Growing Jasmine is easy as long as you pay attention to its water, light and temperature requirements. Continue reading

Growing Wheatgrass

The story of my Wheatgrass plant begins in a barn in Aurora, Oregon. Actually, it begins much, much earlier than that.

While working at Pacific Natural Foods’ Organic Farm last year, my husband found a rare strain of wheat seeds in an old, forgotten barn. This strain of wheat was so old, it wasn’t in any of the plant identification books and as it turns out, was one of the oldest strains to exist in America. We decided to bring this awesome strain of seeds home to wheat-growing Pullman, Washington and try our hand and growing our own Wheatgrass for the health benefits. Continue reading

Planting Aloe Vera Pups

My Aloe Vera plant recently grew some amazing new pups! After moving twice and subjecting the plants to a lot of stress, I was surprised when they started showing signs of new growth and happiness. One of the Aloe Vera pups was dangerously close to falling from the plant, so I decided to replant it and give it a new home using an upcycled tin tuna can.


What You’ll Need:

An Aloe Vera plant sprouting pups

A shallow planter or dish. I used an upcycled tuna can because it was shallow. Continue reading

Upcycling: Cougar Gold + Chicks and Hens

The best cheese on earth comes from the WSU Creamery in Pullman, Washington. Cougar Gold cheese comes in a cool tin can that I’ve always wanted to repurpose. I’ve seen piggy banks and containers made out of the can, but never have been able to use them for planting. Succulents have shallow roots and need very little dirt to grow, so this makes them the perfect plant for growing in a shallow tin can!


Upcycling a Cougar Gold Can

What You’ll Need:

A tin can Continue reading

Sprouting Garlic

Garlic is a magical plant. The cloves have antibacterial and healing properties and add a fragrant zing to every food item. Here is how you can grow garlic yourself, starting by sprouting it indoors.

Sprouting Garlic

Garlic can be grown using the cloves you already have in your kitchen! I sprouted my garlic indoors using cloves from a bulb I had inside my fridge. Garlic sprouts faster when kept at colder temperatures so place it in the fridge 1-2 weeks before you want to start growing it. Continue reading