How to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

For those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day to its fullest without making a big impact on the environment around you, there are many options! By foregoing the classic fixed-price meal at a fancy downtown restaurant and shelling our hundreds of dollars, you’ll have a great V-Day with a purpose. Celebrate and save the world with these tips.

The Food:worldvisiongift

Choose locally-sourced, farm fresh ingredients to minimize your environmental impact. Rather than importing macarons from Paris or traveling long distances to find the perfect lobsters, opt for something that benefits your community. Find a local farm co-op and choose grass-fed beef or support a family that raises and butchers their own lambs. If you’re into the vegetarian lifestyle, visit a food co-op for fresh and community-grown veggies. Even better yet; cook a low-key dinner at home and incorporate eco-friendly table options like bamboo plates, sustainable serving utensils or fair trade items like these salad serving tongs from World Vision’s gift catalog.


The Flowers:


Instead of purchasing sad, dead, cut-in-the-prime-of-their-lives arrangements from the florist or local grocery store, consider opting for a more eco-friendly option of living, potted plants. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds more varieties and indoor plants are a great way to see your love grow over time! Lots of potted plants you can buy are flowering as well, so you don’t have to sacrifice fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day!

The Jewelry:


Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend, an eco-conscious mindset is! Choose jewelry for her that is sustainable and with a small eco-impact. Companies like Soothi produce wonderful options that are made with products like repurposed coconut shells. The nature-inspired bracelets allow her to showcase her spirit and still honor Mother Earth.

If you must choose sparkly diamonds, opt for those that are certified conflict-free.

The Ambiance:

Choose eco-friendly options to set the mood, from candles either locally-sourced from your farmer’s market or even something creative like a mixtape made by a local band or a friend.

How are you using eco-friendly alternatives this Valentine’s Day?


Photos: Unsplash, World Vision, Elizabeth Adan

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