Comfort in Fall: Broccoli, Cauliflower and Swiss Chard Gratin

The Swiss Chard has been growing nicely in our farm’s fields, despite the cold and dreary weather. In fact, it seems to be flourishing! Since we had an abundance of the rainbow colored stalks and green leaves, I decided to make a vegetable bake that was hearty, warm and delicious. Continue reading

Vegetable Fried Rice

Every time I eat Chinese food, I always opt for some form of vegetable fried rice. Although I love the flavor of this simple meal, it is in fact, quite simple. I decided not to waste any more money ordering such an easy dish to make at home, so I created my own seasoning combinations and added them to a simple homemade version of vegetable fried rice. The perfect companion for stir fry, teriyaki chicken and more. Continue reading