Cover the Earth in Plants: Part 2

Previously we started to list many of the ways plants benefit us. Planting more around your space will enhance your life. Here are a few more reasons to cover the Earth in plants:

Improve water quality- Plants absorb excess nutrients and chemicals as they head toward the nearest body of water. The more plants, the more nutrients are naturally used up by the plants and avoid contaminating the water.


Attracts wildlife- Plants are one part of the food web. When there is an abundance of plants the next step in the food web (herbivores) takes notice and flourishes. Each part of the food web enhances each other and all of the sudden the area is booming with life. Planting your area with a few extra plants will attract and enhance all that is around you.


Production- If your mindset is more economical than environmental, plants are still the right thing for you. Many plants are low maintenance and can make you a pretty penny. Just make sure you are cultivating them in a sustainable way and you can have an extra profit year after year.


Relaxing- Life comes with a lot of stress and conflict. Gardening is a great way to cool off. There have been many studies that show how working with plants can heal, calm, and sooth your body.


Education- If there is one thing that I’ve learned about growing plants, it is that there is always more to learn. You can start by sprouting seeds on your windowsill and end up managing a farm. No matter how old you are, learning more about plants will bring you closer to the Earth and ultimately to yourself.


Covering the Earth with plants will make it easier for us to live on this planet. They are readily available and enjoyed throughout the world. Consider planting a few more areas on your property to enjoy a happier and healthier life!


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Photos: Unsplash

PrintBy Jake Frazier


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