Cover the Earth in Plants: Part 1

Plants are always looking out for us. Like an army of silent team mates, plants provide countless benefits. So if plants always have our backs, we should look out for theirs. Growing more plants of different verities only stacks the benefits plants provide us. Here are a few reasons to cover your property with as many plants as possible:


Food- Growing your own food is rewarding in many ways. You can lower your monthly food bill by planting fruits, vegetables, or berries around your home.


Greenhouse effect- As sunlight hits the earth, it is absorbed (by plants or heating of the earth) or reflected. The reflected portion of the sunlight bounces off the surface back toward space. Pollution and smog collects in the atmosphere and causes the reflected sunlight to return to earth, further heating it. Plants absorb a lot of the energy that would be reflected thus helping to prevent this effect.


Better Oxygen- Plants absorb CO2 and produce O2. Humans inhale (absorb) O2 and exhale (produce) CO2. The more plants we have around us, the more CO2 is absorbed and converted into quality oxygen for us to breath.


Better soil quality- Plants promote healthy soil in many ways. As plants mature, they either wither away or drop parts of themselves during certain seasons causing organic matter to build up in the soil. The roots of plants can bind to soil mycorrhiza(fungi) which pull water from very deep in the soil to the surface. Plants also insulate the soil, creating a buffering effect to wild temperature swings.


Beautification- Plants will add a certain dimension to your home that cannot be replaced. Staring out onto a field of intermixed plants or driving home through the orchard, plants bring beauty to any location.

The list of benefits plants provides us goes on and on! Stay tuned for Part 2!


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PrintBy Jake Frazier




2 thoughts on “Cover the Earth in Plants: Part 1

  1. This year I plan to work harder on my indoor plants. This is something I only started doing this past year. I have been successful in the past so we’ll see what happens. I agree they really do enhance the beauty and also something special to our indoor and outdoor spaces.


    • Indoor plants are great for brightening up your home. I’ve found the key to growing indoor plants is finding the right spot for each species. Thanks for reading and good luck with your plants!

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