A Visit to Garden Pool

“Garden Pool” was a location I saw on a TV show once, almost a decade ago. It was the initial inspiration for living my life the way I do, intentionally and with a sustainable mindset rooted in the idea of permaculture. After incorporating these ideas into my life, I see a future with Earthships, garden pools and all kinds of plant and animal life. Check out this great article about a visit to Garden Pool. Hope I can visit too one day!

Nathan's Urban Farm

Garden Pool is a non-profit organization that was created to research and help third-world countries develop sustainable agriculture. They have several backyard aquaponics gardens around the city (there are a lot of volunteers who help them). We found them on the internet (gardenpool.org) and my mom arranged for us to tour their home garden. Danielle and her son were really nice and helpful. We had a great time.

At Garden Pool, we saw many types of plants. The plants in the front and side yards are watered by grey water (laundry water) and rain water. There were too many plants to describe, so I’m just going to share some new plants that I learned about: Roselle, Moringa, and Water Spinach. Roselle is a type of hibiscus that is native to West Africa. It produces good tasting berries and the flowers are used to make tea. A valuable plant that we saw is the Moringa tree…

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