May: ‘International Respect for Chickens Month’ Articles Part 2

Are you interested in learning about, raising or thanking chickens this month? It’s ‘International Respect for Chickens Month’ so I’m sharing some of my favorite posts from my friends at Homestead Bloggers Network! Here are some more great articles!

May is “International Respect for Chickens Month!”

Here’s what Homestead Bloggers have to say about their chickens:

What to Feed Your Chickens for Better Tasting Eggs-Frugal Chicken

If you want delicious tasting eggs, look no further than these tips to get better tasting eggs from your chickens using nutrition.

Raising Chickens, An Introduction-Survival at Home

For beginners to chickens, here’s a basic how-to to get you started.

Make a Chicken Coop from a Garden Shed-Timber Creek Farmer

For you DIYers out there, this is a great how-to to make a chicken coop using only a repurposed garden shed!


10 Reasons You Should Raise Backyard Chickens…And 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t-Fabulous Farm Girl

Here are 10 great reasons to keep chickens, but more importantly, 5 warning signs it may not be a great idea.

Help! My Aggressive Rooster Wants to Kill Me!-Picky to Plenty

If you’re afraid of your rooster, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you remain the head-honcho on your farm.

Trouble With Free-Range Chickens (A Comedy of Errors)-Little Fall Creek

Looking to learn from others’ experiences? Little Fall Creek has tons of insight to share in their experience with chickens!

How to Break an Attacking Rooster-The Farmer’s Lamp

Is your rooster attacking your animals, friends or family? Here are some tips to break them into good behavior.

The Homestead, The Chicken and The Jehovah’s Witness-The 104 Homestead

Looking for a laugh? What do you get when you mix a homesteader, a chicken and a Jehovah’s Witness?

What’s a ‘Broody Chicken?’-Day’s Ferry Organics

You may have heard the term ‘Broody Chicken’ but what does it mean? Day’s Ferry Organics breaks it down.

Buying Chicks at the Feed Store-Our Life Out Here

Surely you’re seen those adorable chicks at the store, but here’s a guide to caring for them.

Thanks again to my friends at Homestead Blogger’s Network for sharing their insight! Pop on over to their blogs-they’re great!

Photos: David Goehring, Kusabi

PrintBy Elizabeth Adan

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