May: ‘International Respect for Chickens Month’ Articles Part 1

Did you know that May is “International Respect for Chickens Month?” While these fluffy birds are more well-known on the menu than in the back yard, I love chickens and since I don’t yet have the space to keep the awesome creatures, I thought I’d share some great chicken care-related posts from my friends at Homestead Bloggers Network. Here are some things they have to say about keeping chickens and enjoying them at home!

May is “International Respect for Chickens Month!”

Here’s what Homestead Bloggers have to say about their chickens:

A Guide to Designing the Perfect Chicken Coop-Our One Acre Farm

Are you thinking of building your own coop for your flock? It turns out there are a lot of considerations before you pick up the hammer and nail.


How to Train Chickens to Come When Called-Our One Acre Farm

Did you know chickens can be trained to come when they’re called just like family dogs? Here are some tricks for teaching them!

Housing Chickens in a Suburban Backyard-Counting My Chickens

Do you live in a suburban area? Here is a simple guide to keeping chickens when space may be an issue.

5 Reasons to Raise Backyard Chickens-Counting My Chickens

Whether you’re looking for a unique new family pet or are just in need of farm-fresh eggs, here are five reasons you should be keeping chickens.


Why Keep Silkie Chickens?-Homestead Lady

Silkie chickens are cute and small, so why should you keep them? Turns out there are quite a few reasons!

Chicken House: Coop Cleaning With Kids-Homestead Lady

How often do you need to clean a chicken coop? How do you do it? The Homesteading Lady breaks it down.

Keep Coops Ventilated: Even In Cold Weather!-Better Hens and Gardens

When it’s cold outside, your ladies won’t want to feel the frigid air. Here are some tips for ventilation and comfort.

Chickens are the New Black: Why You Need Chickens-Idlewild Alaska

Grocery store eggs can be as much as 6 weeks old when you bring them home. Read this great article to find out why chickens are really the new black!

12 Questions before Your Chickens Arrive-Day’s Ferry Organics

Are you anxiously awaiting the arrival of new chickens? Here are all the details to make sure you’re ready.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more awesome posts about chickens!

Photos: Kristine Paulus, InAweofGod’sCreation, LollyKnit

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