My 300 Ft. Friends

I made some enormous friends recently on a camping trip. These strong and tall ponderosa pines towered above us and reached for the sky. The sun was patchy and hidden for most of the day, but the trees touched it above the canopy all day.


We witnessed a limb fall with a huge echoing crack and it shocked the life in the forest.

We watched as dust billowed and hung in the air. It was visible through small rays of the sun reflected down through the tree canopy.

There was a silent stillness as the forest life heard the fall and scattered without a sound to avoid it.


We waited for a moment in silence to make sure everything was alright before continuing on with our day.

My 300 foot friends protected us as thunder and lightning and even hail rained down on us. They kept us (mostly) dry as the rain got caught in their limbs and leaves.

And in the morning, we packed up the car and drove away from the forest. I even could’ve sworn they waved goodbye.


Photos: Elizabeth Adan


PrintBy Elizabeth Adan

Elizabeth Adan is a Freelance Writer, Publicist and Brand Ambassador. Her blog Aquaberry Bliss is a unique outdoor lifestyle blog dedicated to expanding your world and inspiring your creativity. When Elizabeth isn’t traveling, you’ll find her writing, hiking or gardening. Find Elizabeth on Twitter @stillaporcupine and on LinkedIn.

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4 thoughts on “My 300 Ft. Friends

  1. There is something so special about trees and the sounds of the forest. I could almost hear the falling branch and the stillness that followed from your description. On a packed London underground train that’s quite an achievement! Dan


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