Louisiana-Style Seafood Gumbo

This recipe for Louisiana Style Gumbo has been passed down my family for generations. Half of my extended family lives in Louisiana and my grandpa makes the best Seafood Gumbo! Usually made with chicken and sausage, gumbo is excellent for a rainy weekend. This time, I decided to experiment with some seafood I had. Here’s my first shot at a seafood spin on my favorite classic stew. Though it takes a long time, gumbo is well worth it on a rainy, fall day!


Louisiana-Style Seafood Gumbo



Celery, 4 Stalks

Carrots, 3

Bell Pepper, 1

Onion, 1

For the Rue:

Oil, ½ cup

Flour, ½ cup


Shrimp, as much as you’d like

Shucked Oyster, as much as you’d like

Fish fillets, I used Tilapia, Sole, and Tuna


Fish Stock, 6 cups

Parsley, for ganish

Garlic powder, to taste

Onion powder, to taste

Salt, to taste

Tabasco or another hot, spicy sauce, as much as you’d like!


Chop all vegetables and put together in a large bowl. Chop all fish into small chunks and place in a separate bowl with all other seafood.

Heat oil in the base of a large pot. Add flour and stir continuously, forming a rue. Stir frequently, making sure the bottom and sides of the mixture don’t burn. Cook until the color of milk or dark chocolate, depending on your preference. I like it darker because it makes a more robust flavor, but some people like to cook it lighter if they’re feeding a more diverse crowd.

Once the rue is cooked to your desired color, add all the chopped vegetables and keep stirring until they are translucent and lightly cooked. All the fish stock to the vegetable/rue mixture and wait for it to boil (it may take a while, 45 minutes or so. Putting the lid on the pot helps). Once it boils, add all the seafood. Continue cooking for another half hour to an hour, until much of the water boils off and the gumbo begins to get thick. Add all seasonings to taste. Serve with a side of fluffy white rice and enjoy!

P.S. Add as much Tabasco sauce as you’d like. It is Cajun-style after all!

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