New Orleans, LA: Art & Music & Sights in the Big Easy

We recently took a trip to The Big Easy; New Orleans, LA. While I’ve been to this bustling city as a child, there was no way to prepare myself for the fun, excitement and good times that keep on rolling in this high-energy metropolis. A city with a rich history and checkered background, today it’s a huge cultural hub where those who like to party, learn about history or explore a unique area that people visit in droves. Continue reading

Louisiana-Style Seafood Gumbo

This recipe for Louisiana Style Gumbo has been passed down my family for generations. Half of my extended family lives in Louisiana and my grandpa makes the best Seafood Gumbo! Usually made with chicken and sausage, gumbo is excellent for a rainy weekend. This time, I decided to experiment with some seafood I had. Here’s my first shot at a seafood spin on my favorite classic stew. Though it takes a long time, gumbo is well worth it on a rainy, fall day!


Louisiana-Style Seafood Gumbo



Celery, 4 Stalks

Carrots, 3

Bell Pepper, 1

Onion, 1 Continue reading