Cocktail: Mexican Michelada

I’ll be headed off to Cancun, Mexico this weekend and wanted to share a cocktail in honor of the trip! The Mexican Michelada is a cocktail made using ice cold beer, limes and a dash of hot sauce!

Proceed with caution…

Photo Courtesy of: Martin Cathrae

Photo Courtesy of: Martin Cathrae

Cocktail: Mexican Michelada

1 lime
Sea salt
1 bottle of light Mexican beer (Corona, Modelo, Pacifico, etc)
Tabasco or Cholula hot sauce (one dash, or as needed. I like mine spicy!)

Cut your lime in quarters and rub along the rim of the glass. Dip glass in salt so a salt ring forms. Squeeze the remaining juice from the lime.

Pour your beer into the prepared glass over ice and add the juice from the lime. Add the hot Tabasco sauce and stir well.



Also, stay tuned starting in January for my travel diary from Cancun! We’ll have lots of fun posts in store to share with you!


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