1-Day Cleansing and Detoxifying Juice

This 1-day detoxifying juice is ideal for once a week. It is cleansing and pairs wonderfully with light and easy daily yoga. This makes a whole pitcher which is a good amount to drink in one day and gives you some good nutrition to get through the day. I personally do half day cleanses or use the juice as a nutrient/hydration boost, but it is safe to do as a 1-day stand alone juice cleanse.

This is better than lots of juice cleanses that are sour, taste bad and leave you hungry. The wheatgrass and juice in this drink are a delicious mix! I’d bottle it and sell it on the street. =] Continue reading

Green Gold: Health Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice comes in a bright green shot and can be off-putting to try. It tastes fresh and grassy and once you’ve tried it, it begins to grow on you. There are some great health benefits to drinking Wheatgrass juice in addition to its charming color. Continue reading

Growing Wheatgrass

The story of my Wheatgrass plant begins in a barn in Aurora, Oregon. Actually, it begins much, much earlier than that.

While working at Pacific Natural Foods’ Organic Farm last year, my husband found a rare strain of wheat seeds in an old, forgotten barn. This strain of wheat was so old, it wasn’t in any of the plant identification books and as it turns out, was one of the oldest strains to exist in America. We decided to bring this awesome strain of seeds home to wheat-growing Pullman, Washington and try our hand and growing our own Wheatgrass for the health benefits. Continue reading