Our Date with the Big Dog: Dog Bark Park Inn [Cottonwood, Idaho]

Our most recent expedition was to an incredible roadside attraction in the small town of Cottonwood, Idaho. About two hours away from Pullman and just a small jaunt through the Camas prairie from Lewiston, Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn was a place we’d wanted to stay at for years. After passing by on a road trip to Utah, we found this wonderful and largest beagle dog replica in the world! Also a B&B, we were lucky enough to stay there in the heart of the big dog. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Go River Rafting in Montana

River rafting in Montana is something everyone should experience once. The rush of the sport and the natural beauty will make you feel like you’re the superstar in a badass nature documentary. I was lucky enough to go on a group excursion a few years back. Here are reasons why you should make a plan to go river rafting in Montana. Continue reading