Travel 101: Packing for a Beach Vacation

The holidays are over and the weather is getting colder. It’s the perfect time to kick your relaxation up a notch and take a trip to a warmer climate. I am lucky enough to have visited Cancun, Mexico recently and I wanted to share with you some organizational skills to help you pack for your next beach vacation.

Photo Courtesy of: Luke Ma

Photo Courtesy of: Luke Ma

Packing for a Beach Vacation

Check the Weather

Check the weather in your destination to make sure you’re bringing temperature appropriate clothing. Try not to bring any more outfits than you have to so plan your wardrobe ahead of time. Continue reading

Music to Move : 1 yr world end


AB circleBy Elizabeth Adan

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Winter Snowflake Decorations

Now that the Holidays are over, what decorations will you put up? How about Winter Snowflakes? We’ve all made paper snowflakes in class during elementary school, or with your children and they can be a fun way to add fun to a cold winter lull in between the Holidays and Valentine’s day. Snowflakes make tasteful and beautiful winter decorations, are simple to make and like a real snowflake, no two are the same! Here is a simple way to make winter snowflake decorations just in time for the snow to start falling.


Winter Snowflake Decorations

What You’ll Need:


White paper (or blue! Snowflakes can be festive in any color) Continue reading

4 Great New Years Resolutions: 2015

Last year, I made some resolutions to become a happier and more positive person. Intention is the first step to change, and the New Year is an excellent time to reflect and grow. Use each new year as an opportunity to define yourself and become proud of who you are. Here are some of my favorite resolutions this year.

Photo Courtesy of: Caroline

Photo Courtesy of: Caroline

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Start Being Yourself

One of my resolutions last year was to give up pretending to be something I’m not. Being yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself and one of the most rewarding. When you open up and let yourself be who you are, everything else will fall into place and the true happiness begins. Continue reading