After Art

There’s something awesome about what art supplies and the area you’re working in looks like after the art is created. Before the paper towels have been cleaned up and the paintbrushes are rinsed. It’s like looking at a battlefield after the soldiers have left.

I like to call this After Art: Continue reading

Upcycled Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are almost unnecessary in the summer time, but now that the air has gotten crisper as we head into fall and winter, static begins to wreak havoc on my laundry. Instead of purchasing scented, chemical-laden dryer sheets from the grocery store, this time I opted to upcycle my own using some simple household items and a repurposed pair of old blue jeans. Continue reading

Upcycling: Turning Toilet Paper Rolls Into Mini Art Canvases [Make Garbage Great]

I’m a huge proponent of upcycling, but I’ve never even considered using toilet paper rolls for anything other than regular recycling. Okay, I have tried the trick where you use them as organizers for headphones and charging cords, but I found that to be bulky and a bit ugly. This project using old toilet paper rolls transforms them into something I can use, and something quirky that barely resembles their original selves. Continue reading

Indoor Jungle Vines

To fill your home with plants a nature, vines are a great choice. Living plants add a fresh and alive quality to any room and ‘jungalow’ living is all the rage. Jungle vines grow particularly quickly and tend to do well indoors since it’s more likely to be a humid environment. Since they grow quickly, it is important to prune them regularly. Here are some awesome options you can grow indoors. Continue reading

Designing for Summer: Interview With Jennifer Corredor of J Design Group

I love decorating my home year round to change with the seasons and summer is no exception! To take advantage of beautiful flowers and large plants during the growing season, bringing them inside can add a lot of your design and help you get closer to nature.

I had a chance to interview Jennifer Corredor, CEO/Founder of J Design Group ( about her thoughts for summer decorating! Here is what we talked about: Continue reading