9 Ways To Make Your Garden More Wildlife Friendly This Summer

Looking for great ways to encourage wildlife in your yard or garden this summer? Here are some tips!

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Today is a very good day.  The sun is shinning, the plants are flowering and it’s summer – time for really enjoying your gardening.

Josh from Mill Race Garden Centre has put together a terrific guide on how to appreciate all the space your garden provides, and how to encourage that all important wildlife into your garden setting.


9 Ways To Make Your Garden More Wildlife Friendly This Summer

Watching wildlife is a fantastic way to spend the summer months, but how can you make your garden wildlife-friendly? Read on…

1. Don’t mow the grass

Okay, so you don’t have to leave all of your lawn to grow, but even a small corner could help your local wildlife population immensely in offering much-needed shelter. A couple of logs will also go down a treat with insects, which in turn will attract other wildlife, like birds, to your garden.

2. Install a pond


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