Finding Home in Nicaragua: ‘The Ladies of Managua’ Book Review

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The lush jungles of Nicaragua conceal much more than just wildlife and the streets of the city of Managua hold more secrets than vendors around every corner.

When I opened the first pages of The Ladies of Managua, I knew I was in for a treat. Having traveled to Nicaragua for my honeymoon, I fell in love with the beautiful country with unique traditions. So much so, that I plan to build a second home there one day and create a future.

Ladies of Managua (1)

Opening with a funeral, the book follows three generations of Nicaraguan women, each with a secret to conceal. Brought together to bid farewell to the head of their family, these strong-willed ladies are ultimately forced to confront their pasts and their fraught relationships with one another and their homeland. It’s truly a love letter to a beautiful country.

From the lush, exotic beauty of Nicaragua and its revolutionary history, to the steamy, straitlaced streets of 1950s high society New Orleans, Eleni Gage creates an epic saga of turbulent times that shape the lives of one family. It was told in such an incredible and touching manner.


It was hard to read this book without being crippled with wanderlust and homesickness for Nicaragua. One of the most incredible places I’ve ever been, Eleni Gage tells this story with beautiful prose and a clear understanding of Nicaragua and its history. I loved how she weaved together the lives of so many members of one family.

Anyone who has struggled with the true meaning of home will love this book. Have you read it?

Photos: Eleni Gage, Elizabeth Adan

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3 thoughts on “Finding Home in Nicaragua: ‘The Ladies of Managua’ Book Review

  1. I’ve wanted to visit Nicaragua for some time now. And it’s great to have suggestions of good books for dreamy summer reading. Thank you!!


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