If Everyone Grew A Tiny Forest…

I recently watched an incredible TedTalk that was inspiring and motivating. The talk was called How to Grow a Tiny Forest Anywhere and it gave me hope that the future of our environment and the diversity of our native forests can be restored.

Through his work, entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma showed his audience how he can grow a tiny forest in a barren patch of land equal to the size of 6 car parking spaces.

Photo: Adam Meek

Photo: Adam Meek

This talk was inspiring to me because we so frequently turn to our common enemy of “corporate greed” to explain our problems with the future of our environment. Sharma’s company uses common corporate models to turn nature and forest-planting into a business.

Sharma’s forests grow 10 times faster than a regular forest, are 30 percent denser and are 100 percent times more biodiverse than native forests.

Sharma’s company uses a model to determine what plants are native to each environment and create the ideal space for the area.

If every big box store, every parking garage, every apartment building took 6 spaces out of their lot and created these dense, tiny forests, we could restore a natural and healthy balance to our ecosystem.

I think Sharma’s ideas are the future because if we are going to use greed and the pursuit of capital to wreck our natural world, he shows us that we can also use the same corporate drive to monetize and fix our environment.

Where in the past the companies drove production as quickly as possible to succeed, the corporations of the future will need to create a business model that profits off of restoring our environment.
Watch this short amazing TedTalk here:


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