Can You Freeze Olives?

After buying two massive jars of sliced olives from Costco, even an olive-fiend like me couldn’t possibly finish the can fast enough before the olives inside spoiled. I set out to find out if you can freeze olives to keep them fresh and the answer is yes.

Photo Courtesy of: jakerome

Photo Courtesy of: jakerome

How do I freeze olives?

Olives are kept in water and their own brine in the can, so don’t toss that juice out after opening the can if you want to freeze the olives. Get a freezer-safe container and place olives and their juices in it. Make sure the olives are completely covered with water, screw the lid on tight, date the container and freeze it.

How long can I freeze them?

Frozen olives are good for 2-3 months. Mine never last that long though!

I froze my olives and now they’re mushy. What went wrong?

It could be you didn’t fully submerge the olives in water before freezing. The fridge/freezer are very humid, so it sucks liquid out. Since olives are mostly made of water, their own internal liquid must have been frozen out, leaving them mushy. That’s a bummer, but if the olives are fully covered with water they should freeze better next time.


Now, go ahead and buy the huge can of olives, you know you want to!


Photo: Peter Firminger

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