Upcycled Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are almost unnecessary in the summer time, but now that the air has gotten crisper as we head into fall and winter, static begins to wreak havoc on my laundry. Instead of purchasing scented, chemical-laden dryer sheets from the grocery store, this time I opted to upcycle my own using some simple household items and a repurposed pair of old blue jeans. Continue reading

Upcycling: Turning Toilet Paper Rolls Into Mini Art Canvases [Make Garbage Great]

I’m a huge proponent of upcycling, but I’ve never even considered using toilet paper rolls for anything other than regular recycling. Okay, I have tried the trick where you use them as organizers for headphones and charging cords, but I found that to be bulky and a bit ugly. This project using old toilet paper rolls transforms them into something I can use, and something quirky that barely resembles their original selves. Continue reading

Planting Aloe Vera Pups

My Aloe Vera plant recently grew some amazing new pups! After moving twice and subjecting the plants to a lot of stress, I was surprised when they started showing signs of new growth and happiness. One of the Aloe Vera pups was dangerously close to falling from the plant, so I decided to replant it and give it a new home using an upcycled tin tuna can.


What You’ll Need:

An Aloe Vera plant sprouting pups

A shallow planter or dish. I used an upcycled tuna can because it was shallow. Continue reading

Upcycling: Cougar Gold + Chicks and Hens

The best cheese on earth comes from the WSU Creamery in Pullman, Washington. Cougar Gold cheese comes in a cool tin can that I’ve always wanted to repurpose. I’ve seen piggy banks and containers made out of the can, but never have been able to use them for planting. Succulents have shallow roots and need very little dirt to grow, so this makes them the perfect plant for growing in a shallow tin can!


Upcycling a Cougar Gold Can

What You’ll Need:

A tin can Continue reading