How to Safely Transplant a Baby Cactus

The diverse species of cactus are some of my favorite types of plants to garden. Once cacti are old enough, the “mother” plant begins to produce smaller pups which can be transplanted and grown separately. Here is a great and simple tutorial on how to safely transplant them. Check it out!

Paso a Paso Crafts



  1. A “mother” cactus with it´s “baby” cactuses
  2. A pot
  3. scissors
  4. A long piece of cardboard
  5. Decorative stones (optional)

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Splitting Succulents

Sometimes gardening is messy and unproductive, but other times it can be the most beautiful things in the world. I am a huge fan of succulents, and I’ve spent some time learning about how to grow them and split them into countless mini plants! I recently re-potted some of the sprouted creations and it was so visually-appealing! Continue reading

Planting Aloe Vera Pups

My Aloe Vera plant recently grew some amazing new pups! After moving twice and subjecting the plants to a lot of stress, I was surprised when they started showing signs of new growth and happiness. One of the Aloe Vera pups was dangerously close to falling from the plant, so I decided to replant it and give it a new home using an upcycled tin tuna can.


What You’ll Need:

An Aloe Vera plant sprouting pups

A shallow planter or dish. I used an upcycled tuna can because it was shallow. Continue reading