Fix #4: Stitch Fix Review” May Fix

Have two months really passed already? When my Stitch Fix box showed up on my door, I was thrilled to find some great pieces and awesome colors for summer!

Stitch Fix is a subscription-based personal styling service where you fill out an online profile about your preferences and a shipment is sent to you every 1-2 months of 5 hand-picked clothing and accessory items. You try each of them on and have 3 days to decide what you’ll keep. Once you decide, log in and check out for the items and then send the remaining items back. Continue reading

Fix #3: Stitch Fix Review: March Fix

I was very impressed by my 3rd Fix shipment from Stitch Fix! Stitch Fix warns you that it may take several fixes for your stylist to understand your style, and I think they definitely are. They even included a lengthy personal note about how they had taken a look at my Pinterest page and gotten a better feel for my style. Thanks Stitch Fix! Continue reading