Cajun-Style Spicy White and Black Beans (Adapted from Mama Ella’s White Beans)

Cajun food is close to my heart since my mom I from Louisiana and recently after a long and grey cloudy day, I decided to make a recipe that’s pretty familiar to me: spicy beans and rice. I have a great cookbook for Cajun food by Elizabeth Choate (Yes, from the TV show Swamp People!) that featured a delicious looking recipe for Mama Ella’s White Beans, so I decided to adapt that. I made a couple of changes based off of what was in my pantry at the time, but I bet the original recipe is finger-lickin’ good! Continue reading

Mushroom, Chevre and Wild Rice Risotto

Risotto is quick, easy and elegant! Easy to prepare and not hard to cook, it’s a good weeknight meal choice. Fresh mushrooms and almonds added a rustic flavor and melted chevre goat cheese added a zing!

Photo Courtesy of:  Jessica Spengler

Photo Courtesy of: Jessica Spengler

I used a mixture of white and wild rice to give the risotto more texture. All white rice tends to be too squishy and using all wild rice makes the risotto crunchy. Mixing them creates the perfect meal. Continue reading