10 Common Weeds to Know

We all want our growing area to be full of wonderful rare species that bloom constantly and never need to be watered.  But the reality is nature has a different story.

Every year, we spend countless hours making the decision on which plant to keep and which ones to pull out.  Knowing some of the most common species of weeds that invade your garden will save you time and effort.  Here is a list some of the most common weeds that most people do not want in their gardens: Continue reading

The Amazing Moringa Tree

Moringa trees products are one of the best sources of nutrition you can add to your diet.  This tree originates in the foothills of the Himalayas and grows in a variety of different climates.  It is drought tolerant and very forgiving when it comes to neglect.  The only thing it can’t stand is freezing temperatures.  It’s an easy plant to grow and will give you amazing nutritional benefits. Continue reading

The Magic Beanstalk: Provider Bean in Winter

Who says you can’t grow plants in the wintertime? Indoor gardening with the proper humidity and light can allow you to grow all kinds of plants even in the dead of winter. With the help of a germination tray and grow light, this provider bean is making moves in the middle of January.


Provider Beans

After ordering organic provider beans online, we decided to give growing plants in the dead of winter a try. Continue reading