A Picture Perfect Moment: What Do Those Camera Symbols Mean? [Infographic]

I snap photos of trees, flowers, my dog, myself, my dinner and my family. I archive some, share some on social media, make some into memes and frame some to admire in my home. Photos and memories are a huge part of my life and I cling to my camera to make sure I can capture precious moments. Continue reading

6 Beautiful Beardless Irises

**Disclaimer: I received this book as a review copy and this post includes affiliate links. I was not compensated monetarily for this or any other post on Aquaberry Bliss and opinions are my own.**

Anyone know knows me knows that I have an insatiable love of flowers. I love smelling them, growing them arranging them, eating them (the edible kind) and picking them at U-Pick farms. While my love of blossoms is huge, so is the amount of different species in the world. I’d never know some of the varieties of common favorites since there are so many hybrids and types, but I love the opportunity to dive into a specific kind. Continue reading