Sweetbriar Rose Hips

All rose hips are edible. When I started taking up foraging, I grew to love simple and blanketing rules like those. All grasses are edible. Never eat what’s growing on dead wood. Foraging for rose hips was a great thing to do after the frost when the hips are soft and sweet. The snow had crisped these perfectly into a sticky sweet mess. Continue reading

Best of The US: Fishing at North Fork River, Oregon

North Fork River isn’t far from Portland, Oregon, but you’d think you’ve stepped into a different world. Miles away from the bustling city, the river is quiet and serene.



This stretch of water in the middle of the Willamette River is officially named North Fork Middle Fork Willamette River. Located an hour or so outside of Portland, this marked the scene of my first ever fishing trip! Continue reading

Edible Field Garlic

All across the country, wild and edible field garlic pops up in small green tufts. It’s hearty, resilient and easy to identify. It’s edible right out of the ground, but you can clean it, cook it or add it to soups and salads. Field garlic is not native to North America and in a few states it’s an invasive species that flavors cow’s milk in an unappetizing way. Eating this free resource is good for your local environment! Continue reading