DIY Mini Herb Garden Mason Jars [Beauty + Pest Control]

Since I’ve been selling jams and syrups at the local farmer’s market, I have been using tons of small mason jars and my kitchen is full. Overwhelmed by medium sized-mason jars, I wanted to put them to work! An idea that solved more than one problem, these herb gardens are adorable, functional and easy to make. Continue reading

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Mint Sugar Scrub

I love sugar scrubs. I use one daily as a soap alternative with coconut oil to replenish skin moisture in the dry Eastern Washington winter. This sugar scrub is nicely themed for St. Patrick’s day. It’s optional to add the food coloring and I don’t to avoid color substitutes and fake dyes. The minty flavor is enough to remind you of Shamrock shakes and green clovers. Continue reading