Harvested Maple Sap: How to Make Maple Syrup

Once you’ve become a pro at harvesting your own maple sap, you can start cooking! You’ll need 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. One tap will produce around 20 gallons of sap. Once you’ve harvested enough sap to make the final product, get the sap ready to boil. Never boil sap inside as the sticky moisture created will stick to everything inside of your house. Continue reading

Harvesting Maple Sap for Syrup: 3 Steps

Sap from many different species of trees can be made into one of the best natural sweeteners ever: syrup. Harvesting sap is a simple and low maintenance task that anyone with a few trees on their property can take advantage of. Follow these 3 steps for an abundance of all-natural maple syrup! Continue reading